Member Qualifications

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Company Membership is available to any business that meets all of the following qualification requirements:

  • it is a business that is a sole practitioner, a partnership or a corporation;
  • it is wholly-owned within the private sector involved in the business of offering independent engineering, geoscientific and other technology-based intellectual services to the public or a third party for the built and natural environment, but does not include municipalities, crown corporations or in-house engineering departments of manufacturing or resource companies;
  • it holds a current certificate of authorization to practice professional engineering prescribed by the Professional Engineers Act or a current certificate of authorization to practice professional geoscience prescribed by the Professional Geoscientists Act;
  • it has obtained and maintains in good standing professional liability insurance coverage required under each of the Professional Engineers Act or Professional Geoscientist Act for which the business holds a certificate of authorization;
  • it does not provide any independent engineering and other technology-based intellectual services without insurance coverage, notwithstanding the permission under the Professional Engineers Act and the Professional Geoscientist Act, as applicable, allowing the business to provide services without insurance by obtaining consents from persons they serve;
  • it has one or more permanent places of business in Ontario, excluding post office boxes or similar addresses; and
  • it has accurately and truthfully completed a membership application in order to apply for membership in the Corporation to evidence:
    1. It’s commitment to furthering the objects of the Corporation as contained in the Letters Patent; and
    2. It’s agreement with the provisions in the Letters Patent, By-laws and policies of the Corporation.

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