Member Application

Join the consulting engineering community with ACEC-Ontario. Please fill out the below form and we will contact you regarding your ACEC-Ontario company member application. Thank you!

Annual Membership Fees:

Joining ACEC-Ontario also provides your firm with a membership to ACEC-Canada. Current membership fees are outlined below.

ACEC-Ontario contribution: $1,761 + ($29.72 x N) plus HST.
ACEC-Canada contribution: $346.80 + ($25.40 x N) plus HST.

N = number of all employees in Ontario.

A firm’s N value includes all full-time professional, technical and administrative staff. A firm joining after the start of the membership year, which is April 1, has their membership fee prorated once membership has been approved by the board of directors.

Please note, members who join within the first month of the membership year will not receive a prorated fee. Members who join within the last month of the membership year will begin their membership starting April 1 of the upcoming membership year.

The work of our Member Companies shapes our society, from transit, to watermains, to the studies that help create them. Everyday you encounter the work of Consulting Engineers.

Watch the 2021 Ontario Engineering Project Awards to see our Member Companies award winning projects.