Complaints Policy

ACEC-Ontario Complaints Policy / Process

The ACEC-Ontario Board of Directors has approved the following governance standard regarding a Complaints Policy: ACEC-Ontario has a complaints policy applicable to external stakeholders in their dealings with ACEC-Ontario (for matters not covered by the Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policy). The policy is posted in a readily accessible location on its website. ACEC-Ontario responds promptly to complaints by external stakeholders. ACEC-Ontario staff inform the Board at least annually of the number, type and disposition of complaints received.

The Complaints Policy was approved by the ACEC-Ontario Board of Directors on October 1, 2020.

ACEC-Ontario Complaints Policy

ACEC-Ontario has established a Code of Conduct applicable to Directors, volunteers and staff intended to ensure that association business is conducted in an ethical, professional and lawful manner that preserves stakeholder trust in ACEC-Ontario. This Complaints Policy has been established to enable ACEC-Ontario’s external stakeholders to convey concerns about their dealings with ACEC-Ontario for matters that are not otherwise covered by the Code of Conduct. The objective of this policy to enable ACEC-Ontario to respond promptly to complaints by external stakeholders for matters that fall outside the provisions of the Code of Conduct. General Process Complaints regarding the conduct of individual Directors, volunteers or staff should be addressed through the Code of Conduct. Complaints regarding ACEC-Ontario programs, policies, activities or issues beyond the conduct of an individual may be lodged under this policy. Complaints alleging unlawful conduct, however, should be reported to the police or other authorities with jurisdiction. Complaints under this policy should be submitted to the Chair of Board of Directors or to the Executive Director. While no specific form of complaint is required, a complaint should contain at least the following information and details:

  • the name and contact information for the complainant;
  • the subject of the complaint (which ACEC-Ontario program, policy, committee, activity, etc. is at issue);
  • the date of the incident, if applicable;
  • the location of the incident, if applicable;
  • details of the circumstances being complained about; and
  • the names of any witnesses or third parties, if applicable.

The Governance Committee will investigate and deal with all complaints in a timely and fair manner, respecting the privacy of all concerned to the extent possible. In certain circumstances, the Governance Committee may retain external resources to support any required investigation.

The Governance Committee will endeavour to investigate a complaint as thoroughly and as quickly as possible. A complainant may withdraw a complaint at any stage of the process. However, whether or not a formal complaint is filed, ACEC-Ontario may be required to proceed with an investigation if it appears that there has been a violation of applicable legislation or the Code of Conduct.

Confidentiality will be maintained at all times, except where the disclosure of information learned during an investigation is necessary for the purpose of investigating the complaint, when taking any action in relation to the complaint, or where disclosure is required by law. The investigation will, at a minimum, include the following:

  • Confirmation of as many details of the complaint as possible;
  • Interviewing the complainant, any witnesses and other relevant parties;
  • Determining what outcome the complainant is seeking.
  • The investigation will result in a confidential report provided to the Governance Committee.

The Governance Committee will review the report and recommend a course of action to the Board or to the Executive Director, as appropriate.

Annual Reporting

The Executive Director shall report to the Board at its last meeting of each governance year, and more frequently if so directed by the Board, regarding the number, type and disposition of complaints received under this policy. The Executive Director shall ensure that this policy is posted in a readily accessible location on the ACEC-Ontario website.