Supported by a network of volunteers, ACEC-Ontario engages with provincial and municipal stakeholders and industry leaders to create a better business environment for Ontario’s consulting engineering industry. ACEC-Ontario regularly provides input on policy and planning.

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The Association of Consulting Engineering Companies | Ontario (ACEC-Ontario) is the voice of the consulting engineering industry in Ontario.
For resources on a variety of topics, including excess soil regulations please visit the resource section of the website located here.
If you have any questions or comments please contact Doug DeRabbie, Director, Government & Stakeholder Relations.

The work of ACEC-Ontario’s member companies touches virtually every aspect of our society, including project planning and development, design, execution, operation and maintenance. If you belong to a member company and would like to find out about volunteer opportunities supporting your industry click here.

The ACEC-Ontario's Rapid Response Program is a service that uses industry-based positions to proactively advocate for fair and reasonable terms and conditions.