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Governance Committee

About the Governance Committee

The Governance Committee consists of the the Officers of the Corporation, as well as one Director appointed by the Board of Directors, save and except that the Executive Director, as the Corporate Secretary is an ex officio, non-voting committee member in accordance with the standard terms of reference set out in ACEC-Ontario General Operation By-Laws, Section 8.02. The Chair of the Governance Committee is a Director elected by the Board to this position as an Officer of the Board of Directors.

The Governance Committee is responsible for providing oversight of the Board’s governance practices with the objective of ensuring good governance, accountability and transparency. The Principal Duties and Responsibilities of the Governance Committee are:

Governance – The Governance Committee shall review and recommend action to the Board as to the Corporation’s overall approach to governance and shall undertake such governance initiatives to ensure that the appropriate processes structures and information necessary for effective direction and oversight are in place to contribute to the success of the Corporation. The Governance Committee shall keep abreast of current developments in governance best practices.

Director Nominations – the Governance Committee shall design and through the Nominating Committee, execute an intentional process to recruit and retain Directors to best achieve the Corporation’s mission.

Orientation and Training – The Governance Committee shall oversee the development and implementation of the Director’s orientation program. The Governance Committee shall review, monitor and make recommendations to the Board regarding the orientation, training, ongoing development of Directors and conduct regular board assessments of its performance.

By-laws – the Committee shall conduct regularly scheduled re-examination of the Corporation’s By-laws.

To study, advise and make recommendations to the Board on any matter directed by the Board. To perform such other duties as may be determined by the Board from time to time.

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