News Release

Consulting Engineers of Ontario has become the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies – Ontario (ACEC-Ontario)

Published  September 16, 2020

News Release

September 15, 2020 – Toronto, ON. Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO) will now be known as the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies – Ontario (ACEC-Ontario).

Driven by a strategic priority to strengthen our identity and branding, our Board of Directors unanimously supported a resolution to change the name, and this was confirmed by the membership at the September 15th Annual General Meeting. The new name better identifies us as an industry association representing engineering firms. It aligns our organization with the national-level association (ACEC-Canada) and the naming convention used by the vast majority of our provincial counterparts across Canada. This conveys unity, strength and consistency to our stakeholders. The new name and brand dovetail with the newly articulated mission and vision for the association found in our 2020-2023 strategic plan:

MISSION: To promote and advance the business interests of our Member Firms and the value of the engineering work they do.

VISION: Our Member Firms prosper and are recognized for their influence and fundamental contributions to the social, environmental, and economic welfare of Ontario.

The new identity and branding are also intended to foster growth for ACEC-Ontario. More engineering firms will join and engage with us because their success will be enabled by our leadership in policy advocacy and risk management, and we provide access to key knowledge sharing networks and relevant support services.

The new ACEC-Ontario identity and branding changes will be introduced over the coming weeks through our website, social media channels and other communications. We can now be found at

About ACEC-Ontario

ACEC-Ontario represents the interests of over 130 consulting engineering firms that employ over 21,000 Ontarians. Accumulated gross revenues of consulting engineering firms across the country contribute more than $31 billion to the Canadian economy annually.