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Interview with ACEC-Ontario: National Engineering Month 2023

This interview, featuring ACEC-Ontario’s, Bruce G. Matthews, discusses the different career paths available to consulting engineers, the demand for infrastructure in the next 10 years, and the activities of professional engineers who accept accountability for engineering work.

Article: Consulting Engineering Companies Are Your Trusted Partners

In the news… In the latest publication of Innovating Canada, Bruce Matthews speaks to why “Consulting Engineering Companies Are Your Trusted Partners” and what you can expect working with an ACEC-Ontario member company.”

In the news: Ontario Construction News features Bruce G. Matthews, ACEC-Ontario, on the topic of Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS)

National Engineering Month: Interview with Executive Director, Bruce G. Matthews

As National Engineering Month Ontario events continue, NEM connected with leaders in Ontario’s engineering community to talk about the future of engineering. On March 28th, 2002, a NEM journalist met with Bruce G. Matthews, P.Eng., Executive Director of ACEC-Ontario. What follows is a […]

Qualifications-Based Selection Should Be the Law

March 17, 2022 – Toronto – This morning the “Engineering Our Future” campaign has launched in the National Post and online on! The feature today is in line with National Engineering Month and we are pleased to be a part […]

National Post Article: How Consulting Engineers Drive Innovation

The second law of thermodynamics tells us that change is inevitable, and that without input and controls, change tends towards disorder and chaos. This is true for physical systems as well as socioeconomic systems. Creating positive change in anything requires […]

Engineering Month: CEO Watching Ford Infrastructure Spend Closely

The Ontario government will put its own stamp on a new infrastructure spending package in its April 11 budget, predicts the head of the Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO), but it’s hard to say whether the Doug Ford plan will […]

The Engineering Mystery: Where are the Women?

Bruce Matthews speaks to The Globe and Mail. Women’s Day is traditionally a shout out to the successes and challenges facing females around the world. It’s also a reminder for professionals, including engineers, of the need to fast-track efforts to […]

CEO Identifies Need for Increased Action to Boost Industry Diversity

November 27, 2018 – More organizations need to recognize that diversity of perspectives in the engineering and design profession leads to more creative and innovative solutions to challenges and ultimately better decisions and outcomes, says the chief executive officer of […]