Standing Committee

Government Relations Committee (GRC)

About the Government Relations Committee

ACEC-Ontario’s Government Relations Committee exists to promote a legislative and regulatory environment in Ontario favourable to ACEC-Ontario and its member firms.

To fulfill this mandate, the committee undertakes the following:

  • Identify, research and analyze issues from an ACEC-Ontario standpoint
  • Prepare briefs and submissions (joint briefs and submissions when appropriate) on ACEC-Ontario issues
  • Meetings with elected officials, political staff and public service officials
  • Educate members on legislative and regulatory issues using various media (newsletter, seminars, social media and other communications channels as required
  • Form alliances with related organizations to share information, coordinate policy development and enhance our mutual advocacy efforts
  • Hold memberships in other organizations as appropriate (Construction and Design Alliance of Ontario)
  • Informal meetings with other stakeholders (e.g., OAA, PEO, MEA, ORBA, OCGA, etc.)
  • Develop programs and materials to support chapter government relations activities at the municipal and level with federal level engagement and communication as needed

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